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Jessica's Rantings & Ravings
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Sunday, February 8th, 2004
6:10 am
320 Flag Carrier Kills!
Whoo-hoo, I hit a milestone of mine on d2f, I finally broke into the 100's in rank for something.

320 Flag Carrier Kills puts me at 197th place in that category. I'm also a few games away from super-reg status. None to shabby, IMO, considering how unforgiving my work schedue can be. I'm sure if I were unemployed, I'd be in the top 100 of something by now. Curse not having any rich parents. Vince McMahon, if you need another daughter, I'm perfect!

BTW, I got to meet my boss' parents. His mother is even crazier than I was lead to belive with all those crazy stories (including the justifiable homicide one), and his dad has a wall full of patents and awards from the medical community. Now I see where he gets the megalomaniacal traits. I'm green with envy.

Anyone wondering where I am in the next few weeks, I'm still around but avoiding checking my e-mail and voice mail. Anyone who would need to get a hold of me should know why. Rock on.
Wednesday, January 14th, 2004
8:42 pm
Jackasses Attract More Jackasses
Javi / Bisonen_Ken - I don't know what this guys malfunction is, but I do know he's not very good at forgery. If you're going to make bullshit posts, forging the header, remember that it's impossible for someone to go back in time and make a post.

Why the hell would posts AFTER you posted on Wednesday, be dated 3 weeks prior? And why would two consecutive posts (which you obviously forged) be dated and timed EXACTLY the same?

D-D-Du un bu, you moron. I never liked you, but you never pissed me off. You were just another dumb prick who can't make a costume. Now, you've convinced me that you're not just another dumb prick. You're some kind of uber douchemonster. Good job, dillhole.

Why the hell are the biggest retards in the world all fans of Alisa, Adella, Derek, Nessa or Tristen? Please, will someone answer me this? If I didn't dislike them already, I'd dislike them because so many of their fans suck.

I'm not picking on everyone who likes them. Still, admit it, there are a lot of idiots following them around.

Current Mood: Semi-Amused
Friday, January 2nd, 2004
6:27 pm
FFX2 - What the HELL?!
It's official, I don't like FFX2. It's a nice game and all, but I'm convinced Square has lost it's touch when it comes to gameplay. The design aspects are fantastic... Characters are fairly well developed (though shallow, and stereotypical) as is the world. But it just playes like any other FF game so far. Not a BAD thing, but nothing wonderful (still years behind the Grandia II fighting model).

But if you take a game that's mediocre at it's best, and then throw in the most ASS-BACKWARDS freeware puzzles and the most CONVOLUTED incentive engine (earning 100% to see the 'extra' ending), and you've shot it to hell.

From a rookie-designer point of view, I think taking a game that has 15-20 hours of value and using such cheap methods to get gamers to play 70+ hours is a bastard cop-out.

Don't even get me started on the animation... I've seen first-generation PS1 and Sega Saturn games that have better animatics than the current FF games. For such a respected game developer who wants so hard to be rememberd as an epic world-builder, THEY NEED TO LEARN TO ANIMATE. Animation cycles just abruptly start and stop with no transition and there is no motion-interpolation. That was fair with 2D spirtes, but this is the fucking PS2! Characters stand around in unnatural static poses, their canned animation is silly and loops too much, NPCs mindlessly wander in small circles (if at all), and Yuna runs like she just took a shit in her pants. The most bizzare part is, the monster animations are still fantastic. WTF? Isn't it usually the other way around?

Square-Enix... I could do a better job with character animation. Without millions of dollars of motion-capture equipment and without dozens of animators on top-of-the-line workstations, I could have kicked your character animations in the ass and raped it.

This is why I've never been a big FF fan. Gimme Phantasy Star, or gimme death!

Okay, because nobody cares, here is my current ranking of FF games from best to worst:
FF6J (FF3US) - The most complete feeling FF game to date, and set the standard of RPGs which Square has never bothered to surpass.
FF9 - If you aren't going to innovate, emulate your tired-and-true formula from the past.
FF5 - A rewarding twist in the series. Weak story, but above-average game.
FF10 - A borderline silly and immature, but still interesting storyline with the usual battle system. Not bad. Not great.
FF4J (FF2US) - Nothing revolutionary, but a good story and fair design.
FF10 2 - Mix a few good things with a few bad things and you get a marginal game.
FF1J - Ho-hum, but undeniably a historical marker in game design.
FF2J & FF3J - Natural progression in action. Nothing groundbreaking, but still steps foward in the series.
FF8 - Square proves that it is good at builing worlds and interesting LOOKING characters, but the plot and character personalities are severly lacking.
FF7 - Garbage. Complete garbage. I've noticed a trend... The only people who claim that FF7 is the best game ever has never played Chrono Trigger, FF6J or another cricitally acclaimed RPG before in their lives. Most of them also think Mortal Kombat was great. I'm not saying that it's a game for stupid people, but... Okay, well... It's a game for stupid people. Sorry, but that's the truth. The world design was fair, but everything else lacked. This was also the beginning of Square's boner for adding shitty mini-games in order to make a shallow game seem that much more involving (and failed, IMO).

Fuck you Square... Seriously... I love Square for Chrono Trigger, FF6, FF9, Xenogears, Chrono Cross, the Seiken Densetsu series, Bushido Blade 1 & 2 and Parasite Eve 1 & 2. But why are your WORST games (FF7, FFX2, Kingdom Hearts and FF8) also your most popular games? You stand as proof that the world is filled with idiots.

Current Mood: Pissed
Sunday, December 21st, 2003
5:50 pm
Why do I get the dumb clients?
Around the studio, I seem to get stuck on the teams with some of the worst clients. It isn't that they aren't cordial or polite, it's that they're dumb as all hell. I always end up becoming the attaché, which means I spend more time trying to figure out how to make "people use search engines to find your website" any more understandable, than I spend actually working on HTML or graphics assets.

If I got paid based on how many times I have to repeat myself when a client finds a "grammatical error" on their site that it's exclusively for the search engines, and no user will ever see it, I'd be... Well, I'd probably still only make as much as I do now, but that's still a lot.

I'm hoping that if I start doing my job poorly, I'll start getting assigned to the easier sites. I'd love to work for a client that knows what they want, understands what we offer them, provides good source artwork and doesn't ask the same questions over and over.
Tuesday, December 2nd, 2003
8:47 am
Macromedia Can Take Flash And Shove It Up Their Asses
That's right, all up in your ass. Double-fist it in, until you can feel it tickle your spleen!

I officially hate Macromedia Flash online. Sure, it has some practical applications as authorware and once in a while online... But for the most part, Flash is a great way to take a webpage and stamp "AMATEUR SHIT" right on the front.

90% of the time, it's a waste of bandwidth. 90% of those pages also suffer from poor layout in favor of useless Flash bells and whistles.

Okay, this isn't anything new. Everyone I work with has been against Flash for years... I'm just perticularly annoyed right now because of all these freelance jobs I have with people who want me to update their sites that have flash.

A. I can't do ANYTHING to your site if you can't give me the source files.
B. The reason your page ranks poorly on search engines is because spiders can't read Flash, and your previous designer was a scrub and forgot META tags and HTML.
C. The reason nobody browses past your index page is because your user interface is a 3MB load. Even people with broadband aren't going to wait for a 3MB interface to load.
D. I would be insulted to add my name to these pages.

In EVERY case where I was hired to improve, update or fix a site that was done in flash, I end up redoing the WHOLE site in just HTML. Now, anyone with HTML background can edit it. Now, spiders are indexing the site with ease. Now the initial load is under 60kb. Now it's not an embarrasing abomination of useless bells and wistles that I'd be willing to put in my portfolio. And I can also charge them twice as much for all that work, because their page no longer sucks ass.

Just about anything some punk wannabe-designer can do in Flash, I can do in HTML with GIF89 files and simple Javascript with 95% less load-time.

Grr... I need a new line of work. Design is pissing me off too much.
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